The Top 5 Jobs Skills Employers Want in 2021

Devanshi Patel
3 min readMay 17, 2021


If you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates out there during your next job search, you need to think beyond your degree and your certifications and toward the top job skills employers want in 2021.

1. Continuous learning

The days of just finding a job and punching in and out are gone. If you wish to advance, you must promote lifelong learning. You increase your odds of changing your career trajectory by improving your skill range, whether it’s soft or hard skills.

Skill Tip: Look at online learning sites like Udemy or Linkedin Learning or Coursera and see what they have to do in your area of work, and don’t be afraid to branch out from there. It’s awesome if you’re a computer programmer who wants to study project. management; it’s also fine if you want to learn design.

2. Time management

Time management has always been important, but now it’s more important than ever with the adoption of remote jobs. Which means your bosses must have faith in your ability to plan your time and complete your tasks without someone looking over your shoulder. You must demonstrate that you can remain on track and on schedule in today’s world of smartphones, social media, and binge-worthy television.

Skill Tip: Before you sign off for the day, priorities your tasks for the next day, putting the biggest, ugliest tasks first if possible. If you’ve taken care of those, the rest will be easy, and you’ll keep on track.

3. Decision making

Isn’t it true that everybody takes decisions? No, not at all. For certain people, making decisions is excruciating; they can’t see past all the concerns: What if we make the wrong decision? Is it a good investment? Will the rest of the staff be on board?

Having the opportunity to evaluate the criteria in front of you and make a conclusive judgement on a daily basis, even though you’re incorrect sometimes, distinguishes you as a doer. It also demonstrates that you’re able to take chances now and then, which is a positive thing.

Skill Tip: Making decisions is more than an attitude; it is a talent. Look for the chapter on what he terms the PROP decision-making paradigm in former Navy Seal Mark Divine’s book “The Way of the Seal.” It’s easy, but it’s still completely effective.

4. Collaboration

If you think remote work entails working alone, you’re in for a rude awakening. Collaboration is alive and well, but it now requires a bit more work. Embracing teamwork and dreaming about it before you start a job tells recruiting managers that you’re already a team member, even though you’re working from home.

Skill Tip : Although you may not be able to do anything, knowing how and why other teams do what they do will help you collaborate with them on every project with patience and understanding.

5. Emotional intelligence

The opportunity to keep in touch with your own and others’ feelings is more vital than ever, which is why it’s a crucial career strength for 2021. When it comes to signing in to work, the days of “leave your troubles at the door” are long gone. Emotional intelligence will help you be a “social person” without pretending to be an extrovert, from understanding your own feelings to having respect for the emotions of your coworkers and customers.

Skill Tip: Take an emotional intelligence test to get started. And, after you’ve seen the outcomes, consider where you may be missing. Next, consider someone you know at work or in your personal life that you believe is an expert in that field.

Some other job skills which are also helpful.

· Creativity and resilience

· Adaptability

· Change Management

· Coaching Mindset

· Project management

· Knowledge of new social and digital media